Frank, you can’t please everyone!

Fill in the customer satisfaction surveyIn his book On the Road, the comedian Frank Skinner describes his experience of going back on the road doing stand-up again, after many years spent working mainly on television. His adventures on tour are funny and moving as he meditates on growing older, the terrors and joys of trying to make a live audience laugh night after night, and on the nature of comedy itself.

What struck me though, was the personal angst Frank felt whenever he received feedback with even a subtle hint of criticism even if, by and large, his performance had been received rapturously by the vast majority.

 To be honest, as a speaker, I’ve  had those same feelings myself…ninety nine people said it was great, one says it wasn’t, and whats my abiding memory? You’ve guessed it…the one!

I take comfort, and I hope Frank does,  from the words of Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Week…

” It doesn’t matter how many people don’t get it. What matters is how many people do!”

Are you connecting with your audiences?

Business team of two men and one womanThe leader speaks.

The followers applaud on command.

The leader believes his job is done.

There is an illusion that effective communication has taken place. It hasn’t.

The followers believe they has just been subjected to the “same old/same old”!

According to Leaders Voice – ” 86% of business professionals believe they are effective presenters. Only 17% of their audiences agree”.

Is that a high enough audience rating for you? Or, can you do better?

So, what do you do?

Your prospect thinks – ” Who are you, what do you do and why should I care?”
Position yourself (people buy benefits, let them know what you can do)……
* Domestic market –“I’m in the net worth business. My challenge is to create, protect and preserve net worth for my clients”
* Business owners – “I specialize in showing business owners how to take money out of their business, use it for their own benefit and minimize the taxes they pay on it”
* Long term care – ” I show people how to avoid losing everything they’ve worked so hard to create, their independence and their dignity, if they or someone in their  family needs home health care or nursing home care in their golden years”
What are your positioning statements? And, are you and your team saying the same things?

It’s game time!


So what have you learnt in the last six months and how are you going to change things for the next six?

What’s your plan?

More of the same? Or are you going to change things with a view to getting different results?

Maybe you are so far ahead in the game of life , you don’t need to change anything?

You should be so lucky!

Maybe you are so far behind, paralysis has set in?

Get a grip, fight back, you’re no loser!

Whatever the state of your game now, make sure you’re a winner when the final whistle blows!

Feedback is a gift!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you want to improve in any discipline, like presenting, its important to seek feedback, and to open your mind to the impact you have had on others, so that next time, you can do even better.

“What should I continue, stop, start?”

Seek feedback, say thank you, absorb it, decide whether you will change anything, and finally, move on …..just make sure that you don’t lash out in response, if you are unhappy with it!

If you can’t take it, don’t ask for it!

Remember…requested feedback is a gift!

The Greatest Secret in the Fundraising World

secret 2

As revealed, by yours truly, to an audience of 50 charity professionals in Bath on 26th November……

” The greatest secret in the fundraising world, and yes it’s common sense, but it’s not common practice…the greatest secret is that the rewarded donor gives, multiplies and returns with more”

What are you doing to reward your donors for their generosity and sacrifice?

P.S.  The greatest secret in business is very similar….the rewarded customer buys, returns and refers others to you!