Extend your hand!


You can do great things. You really can.  If you don’t want to do them for yourself, do them for others!

Extend your hand. Help those less fortunate than you. Make a difference in their lives.


Because it will make you feel good. And make the beneficiary feel good also. Everyone will be a winner.

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Make their day!

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I love it when people say “thank you”. I really love it. It makes my day!

And, when people don’t say “thank you”? I hate it. It ruins my day!

It stuck me earlier that a key business connection hasn’t said those words to me for a long time.

I don’t ask for money! Just give me the gift of those two glorious words! Please.

Of course, its not just about taking the words from others, you also need to dish them out yourself!

Is there anyone out there awaiting your thanks?

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Lean in to life’s opportunities!


This excellent article from Forbes magazine, by Mary Kopczynskicalls on women to lean in and accept the opportunity to speak at events, a  sentiment I heartily support.

I am also reminded of the need for both men and women to lean in and accept more of the opportunities of all types that life presents.

All too often in the past, I for one, have held back too often, when the answer was, lean in and accept the opportunity!

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Life: Don’t give up. Turn up. And take your boots!



I was never very good at football. Just an enthusiastic left back. Eventually, my team Richmond Amateurs, gave up on me and dropped me.

“Do I stay at home on Saturday afternoons and miss out on all the fun or do I turn up at the games with my boots…just in case?”

For once, I did not back down in the face of adversity and you can guess the rest…the opportunity to regain my position soon presented itself!

Don’t give up. Turn up. With your boots!

Where can you take them today?

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