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  1. Hello Jim
    Fell across your site and wondered how you are. Just heard from Jerry G that he is downsizing as we have done recently
    Would love to hear your news

    • Hi Mark,
      Great to hear from you…I have been neglecting the site hence I only spotted your message just now! My email is
      Living in Bath with partner Joanne. Will be down sizing at some point ,keep talking about it!
      Two kids,Eleanor a trainee solicitor in Bristol, and Patrick, touring the world running bars,and currently in Queenstown New Zealand.
      I see Jerry a lot,and like him,keep in touch with others. Malcolm Murray is a trustee of a charity I set up with others,ten years ago.
      Just spent a weekend in Hamburg with a few.
      Jusr spotted you are on Facebook ,I’ll send you a friend request so we can keep an eye on each other.
      I hope you and Linda and your family are well,
      I presume you are in Scotland somewhere?
      Lets keep in contact,
      Best wishes,

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