Speedy service from BT Sport?

download (1)Is your business in the dark ages like BT Sport?

Polly Barr, Managing Director, Sales and Service BT Sport, wrote to me recently to tell me they were increasing their charges.

I tried to respond and ask her to defer the charge.

No you can’t respond, said BT Sport…you can’t reply to this email, OK!

OK! So I went looking for another channel of communication to the MD Sales and Service……and eventually found it……the only trouble is that the acknowledgement from BT Sport said that a proper reply might take ten days!

Ten days Polly! This is 2017 not 1817. I thought you were world leaders in telecomms……ten days!

BT are clearly not keen on talking to customers.

Does your business take up to ten days to respond to your customers? It doesn’t does it?

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