Have you ever been coshed?


Coshing is the practice used by airlines to manipulate the sleeping patterns of passengers by raising the temperature on long flights, usually of five hours or more, to calm passengers and give flight attendants a break.

Medical experts contend that the practice amounts to mass sedation.

As Dr Ian Perry, a London based physician and international aviation consultant said – “Passengers may get off a plane feeling tired and wretched, with sticky eyes and numbing headache……”

Has it happened to you?

Well, if you are in business the answer is almost certainly yes, even if you have never flown!

That’s because many business presenters adopt the same practice, they induce sleep and mass sedation in their audiences.

They cosh them! They leave them feeling tired and wretched….!

So, whats the answer?

Well, it’s difficult to influence other presenters to take action but you can do something about your own impact.

Don’t cosh your audiences, as it’s all so unnecessary, and so easily avoided. Seek help and advice from someone like yours truly, read books, subscribe to blogs like this one, and leave your audiences feeling fresh and inspired, after their flight with you!

Why not become – The Worlds Favourite Presenter? (see what I did there?…British Airways and all that jazz……!!!)

ImageĀ attribution: CC image courtesy of stereogab on Flickr

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