Junk the junk when speaking!

waste disposal site

Looks a bit of a mess, doesn’t it!

Imagine speaking in front of that lot. You might have trouble holding your audiences attention, even using some of your best lines!

Well,  some speakers find themselves surrounded by rubbish regularly. And, they put up with it. And, its their own fault!

You wouldn’t  speak in a rubbish tip so don’t have rubbish surrounding you when you take the stage.

Get rid of all the clutter…spare equipment, coffee cups, cables, briefcases, chairs and yes, even the committee! ( “I hope you don’t mind but for my presentation, can I ask you to sit in the body of the kirk where I can see you , its also less distracting for the audience”…in 40 years of speaking no-one has ever said, no I am staying right here!…and if they did…!).

Get rid of all the distractions. Give yourself a chance of holding the audience’s attention. Just get rid of it all!

And no, I don’t feel strongly about this…I wish! What do you think?

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