Seven steps to speaker heaven!

Business team of two men and one woman

 If you are looking to really connect with your next audience, take these seven simple steps and you will be well on your way!

1. Define your purpose. A short simple statement that points the way for you in your preparation, and your audience in your delivery.

2. Profile your audience. Its all about connnecting with them. How can you do that if you know nothing about them? Do some factfinding to help you prepare .

3.Map your structure. Don’t just go on a walkabout. There are loads of templates you can use to give your presentation shape and direction.

4. Add drama and impact. No-one wants black and white anymore. Give your presentation colour, e.g. humour, examples, stories, and vivid language.

5. Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse. Don’t be a dummy and practice in the final. And don’t believe any good speaker who tells you he/she doesn’t rehearse. It’s just not true.

6. Deliver with style. Be confident.You’ve done steps one to five, thats better than most speakers already, dress well, look the part and give them both barrels.

7. Review and revise. Seek feedback. What went well?, not so well?, learning for next time etc. Make a note and improve.

Thats all it takes! Honest.

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